Time for Josh Hamilton to move from on-field to off-field role with Rangers

The Texas Rangers announced Monday that Josh Hamilton would undergo season-ending surgery for a knee injury. With that news coming down, it’s starting to become more apparent that he needs to start thinking about his post-playing career.

Rangers need to do something with Prince Fielder

There’s no doubt that the Texas Rangers sit in a much better position now than they did a year ago. But there’s one exception to that — Prince Fielder. The 32-year-old designated hitter has had a rough start to May and it’s time to move him out of the clean up spot in the lineup.

Opening Day: A day when anything is possible

It’s Opening Day for baseball, something that is unique to just baseball. In no other sport does opening day conjure up images of spring or the sense of wonder of what could happen over the 162 games. So without further delay, let’s play ball.

Rangers missed on Justin Upton, but they need one more bat for lineup

The Texas Rangers have one of the best offenses heading into the 2016 season in a few months. But if this lineup is to truly be feared by opposing pitchers, the Rangers have to add one more bat before the start of the upcoming campaign.

Baseball Hall of Fame might be in need of a change in voting

Last week, the Baseball Hall of Fame found itself in another controversy. Three voters left Ken Griffey Jr. off the ballot, which left some upset. With so many issues with the voting process, maybe it’s time to change it.

Prince Fielder’s awakening bat leading Rangers emerging offense

For the past year-and-a-half or so, the Rangers trade with the Tigers for first baseman Prince Fielder looked like a complete dud.

Fielder only saw the field for 42 games last year, hitting just three home runs and batting in only 16 runs before ending his season with neck surgery. And then this year got off to a rough start. At the end of April, Fielder had only one home run, five doubles and 10 RBIs as people wondered if the Rangers had made the right move.

But since the calendar turned to May, Fielder has gone, dare I say, Josh Hamilton (pre-2012 obviously) for the Rangers. In this month, Fielder has hit eight home runs and driven in 25 RBIs while posting a .701 slugging percentage headed into Tuesday’s game at Cleveland.

If early season form holds, Alex Rodriguez’s story will take another turn

Don’t look now, but Alex Rodriguez is having himself a pretty good start to the 2015 season.

Through two weeks of the season, Rodriguez has already hit four home runs, batted in 11 runs and currently holds a solid .317 batting average for a New York Yankees squad looking to get back into the championship picture.

But for all of the success that “A-Rod” is having to start the season, it now creates another interesting turn in the saga that has already been all over the map.

It’s going to be a long season for the Rangers

The Texas Rangers are already eight games into their 2015 campaign, and while there’s still a lot to be decided over the next six months or so, there’s already one guarantee.

It’s going to be a long season. And it won’t be in that sort of “we made it to the Word Series” kind of long season.

Don’t give grief to MLB over pitch clock experiment

In an effort to reduce this “time wasting,” Major League Baseball is trying out a “pitch clock” in Double-A and Triple-A. There pitchers will likely have 12 seconds to throw when no one is on base and 20 seconds when someone is on base, as it was in the Arizona Fall League this past year.

I’m not sure this is the right answer for baseball, but given the fact that a change is needed, MLB shouldn’t be punished for trying something to alleviate the situation

Baseball’s opening day brings endless possibilities

Happy birthday to me, in more ways than one.

Yes, this is my birthday, but possibly more importantly, it’s opening day for almost every baseball team and with a new season bringing new, and sometimes unrealistic expectations.

Baseball’s opening day is like nothing else in sports.