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FC Dallas celebrate their U.S. Open Cup title

A few thoughts on the first weekend of 2017 MLS season

The 2017 MLS season kicked off this weekend. While the play was definitely in early season form, it's great to have the league back again. Here are a few of my thoughts over the first weekend of matches.

Toyota Stadium from the west side as FC Dallas and Orlando City play

Western Conference likely to again boast of MLS Cup winner

To say that the Western Conference is stacked is an understatement. Last year, it was a brutal conference just to get into the postseason. Just ask the Portland Timbers, who finished the season with 49 points, a total that might have put them into the playoffs on the Eastern Conference side of the bracket (depending on how the tiebreakers went).

Toyota Stadium from the west side as FC Dallas and Orlando City play

FC Dallas mired in uneventful offseason

Though they were eventually eliminated, FC Dallas had two exciting matches against Seattle in the postseason to end last year that saw a potential goal swing the outcome either way. The same, however, cannot be said about the offseason for the Hoops.

Time MLS moves to an east versus west All-Star Game

There are some aspects of Major League Soccer that I think are perfectly fine the way they are, whether they be different from American sports or soccer played around the rest of the world. For example the summer schedule they play is just fine being different from the winter schedule other leagues play for a good number of reasons. But there are some things that I would like to see changed now that the league has a firm footing in the American sporting landscape, namely the all-star game.