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Egregious no call not a conspiracy, but certainly suspicious with NFL

I'm not really one to believe in conspiracies. They're really nothing but speculation and simply a waste of time. But what happened Sunday evening at Cowboys Stadium is really quite interesting.

NFC East not the NFC least this year

The NFC East has been a shell of its former self the past couple of seasons. The Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins haven't been major players on the NFL landscape in a number of years and the New York Giants have struggled outside of those Super Bowl years in 2007 and 2011. In short, the NFC (L)East hasn't factored in the NFL in quite some time. Until now.

Cowboys need to rethink bringing back Josh Brent

e all make mistakes, we're not perfect and everyone deserves a second chance to atone for their mistakes. The problem is that phrase has been taken out of context by Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys as an excuse for them to bring back defensive lineman Josh Brent after serving time for intoxicated manslaughter in an accident that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. And the bigger issue is that this isn't his second chance--it's his third and fourth with a history of issues.

Lots of winning teams coming out of NFL draft

The story lines that dominated the 2014 NFL draft included Johnny Manziel falling all the way down to the 22nd pick by the Cleveland Browns and Michael Sam being picked by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round. But what's being overlooked in this draft is how many teams improved a lot because of what they did in the draft.

Cold weather football–the way football was meant to be played

The Frozen Tundra. The Ice Bowl. Many of the memorable games in NFL history have been played in cold and even frigid weather. The Cowboys-Dolphins game in 1993, famous for Leon Lett's gaffe which cost Dallas the game was played in the snow. The Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL Championship Game was played in Green Bay where the temperature was 15 degrees below zero and the wind chill was anywhere between 36 and 48 degrees below zero. It's considered one of the best games in NFL history. Simply put, NFL football is made for the cold weather.

Cowboys have become definition of insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time. It's official, the Cowboys are insane.

Tony Romo not the only person to blame for loss to Broncos

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to be on the road to one of the biggest upsets thus far in the 2013 NFL season. Tied at 48 and with the ball with under three minutes left to go in the game. And then without warning, good ole Tony Romo struck once again.