Opening Day: A day when anything is possible

It’s Opening Day for baseball, something that is unique to just baseball. In no other sport does opening day conjure up images of spring or the sense of wonder of what could happen over the 162 games. So without further delay, let’s play ball.

Rangers better off staying ‘as is’ going into trade deadline

The biggest issue with the Rangers becoming buys in the waning days of July is that they’re not really contenders. Currently Texas sits in third in the American League West behind the Astros and Angels. In fact the Rangers sit eight games behind the Angels for first place in the division and five games behind the Minnesota Twins for the second wild card spot. That’s hardly considered contender status, even with this expanded playoffs.

And I don’t really get why the Rangers would want to try to get a player that may or may not work out and will, in all likely hood, get them into a spot to be a contender.

Don’t give grief to MLB over pitch clock experiment

In an effort to reduce this “time wasting,” Major League Baseball is trying out a “pitch clock” in Double-A and Triple-A. There pitchers will likely have 12 seconds to throw when no one is on base and 20 seconds when someone is on base, as it was in the Arizona Fall League this past year.

I’m not sure this is the right answer for baseball, but given the fact that a change is needed, MLB shouldn’t be punished for trying something to alleviate the situation

Hiring Joe Maddon the best thing Chicago Cubs have done in years

For once the Chicago Cubs got it right.

Despite already having a manager under contract, who didn’t do that bad of a job in his first season, the Cubs jumped at the chance when former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon left Tampa Bay despite not having too bad of a year by the Rays’ standards. In one fair swoop, the Cubs kicked Rick Renteria out the door and brought in Maddon to help get the Cubs back into the postseason.

Royals, Orioles playing a throwback ALCS

Throwback Thursday is a social media phenomenon that began, oh, about two years or so ago, I believe. I’m not quite sure of it’s origins, but it’s become a really popular and really interesting social thing to do.

And now it sort of carries over to Major League Baseball.

The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals are playing in a sort of throwback American League Championship Series, given the fact that neither has been to the postseason, let alone the ALCS, in a very long time. But while the wait has been long for fans of both teams, the intrigue of this match up is even bigger.

Detroit, Oakland win baseball’s deadline deals

The month and week leading up to Major League Baseball’s trade deadline felt, well, dead. There wasn’t a whole lot of talk or rumors going around like there usually is and it didn’t seem like there would be any of the typical blockbuster moves that can come this time of year.

But then July 31 rolled around and just like that, deal after deal was coming through the MLB offices and lighting up every smartphone with the ESPN Scorecenter app. There were so many trades on that one day, that this GIF looks like a bit of a mess.

Recent rash of Tommy John injuries could change baseball at lower levels

It’s the most dominant, overall story line of the two-month-old baseball season. It’s two words that make any pitcher, manager, general manager and fan cringe.

Tommy John.

Baseball’s opening day brings endless possibilities

Happy birthday to me, in more ways than one.

Yes, this is my birthday, but possibly more importantly, it’s opening day for almost every baseball team and with a new season bringing new, and sometimes unrealistic expectations.

Baseball’s opening day is like nothing else in sports.

Braun’s actions limiting reputation damage, but it won’t fix it completely

Ryan Braun is a certified jerk, for lack of a better word.

First, during the playoff run in the 2011 season, he got caught using performance enhancing drugs of some sort. That enacted an automatic 50-game suspension for the first offense. It should be noted, however, that his National League MVP award was not stripped from him by the voters.

But instead of taking the suspension and that being that, he fought it and used the smallest of technicalities.