Taking a new look at the top MLS expansion candidates

It’s been a while since MLS expansion candidates had to submit their bids. So with decisions looming later this year, where do things stand now?

Who the next four teams to join MLS should be

With Atlanta and Minnesota joining the league this year and Los Angeles FC and hopefully Miami joining next year, MLS has laid out a timeline for announcing teams 25-28 within the next year or so. Here are the four cities I hope earn an expansion team soon.

MLS’ future expansion to 28 teams another great step for soccer in America

Among the many big news items to come out Columbus this past week as part of the build up to the 20th edition of the MLS Cup Final, the biggest item might have been announced less than 24 hours prior to the big match itself.

Major League Soccer announced in a release on Saturday that the Board of Governors agreed to eventually expanding the league to 28 teams some time in the near future.