Toyota Stadium looking from the east side as the teams walk out before a game

Who the next four teams to join MLS should be

With Atlanta and Minnesota joining the league this year and Los Angeles FC and hopefully Miami joining next year, MLS has laid out a timeline for announcing teams 25-28 within the next year or so. Here are the four cities I hope earn an expansion team soon.

USL referee gives a player a yellow card during a match

Promotion/Relegation will take a long time to be a viable option in the U.S.

Last week, the Deloitte consulting firm released a study saying that promotion/relegation could be a good thing for U.S. soccer. The problem? The study was commissioned by the owner of the NASL's Miami FC. While I would love for promotion and relegation to happen in the U.S., we're still a very long way from that happening.

USL referee gives a player a yellow card during a match

It’s time for the NASL to go gently into the night

The NASL is in deep trouble. After a number of teams leaving the league and only one team joining, the league is in danger of losing its Division II status and even folding. With so much negative momentum, it's probably best if the league just goes away.

FC Dallas celebrate their U.S. Open Cup title

U.S. Open Cup win opens many doors for FC Dallas

It was a moment that has been seen in 19 years — FC Dallas lifting a major trophy after a win in a cup final. The celebration the ensued was incredible, but what's even better is what this could do for this team, both on and off the field, as it moves towards a potential American treble.

USL referee gives a player a yellow card during a match

Testing of instant replay means soccer closer to entering 21st century

Last week, FIFA and IFAB announced that a number of leagues in the United States, Germany and Brazil, among others, would be the first to test out a new instant replay system beginning in 2017 with the goal to implement it fully shortly there after. Once that implementation is complete, soccer will finally be a 21st century sport.