Stars need to stop first losing skid before it gets out of hand

The Dallas Stars have lost three-straight games for the first time this season. They still have an eight-point lead over Chicago for the top spot in the Central Division, but the losing streak has to stop soon if Dallas wants to have playoff and Stanley Cup hopes come May and June.

NHL needs new ideas to make Winter Classic interesting again

The NHL Winter Classic was initially a smash hit, playing hockey outdoors for the first time in a long time in historic venues. But for the second-straight year, the game has hit record-low television ratings. Now, it's time for the NHL to make changes to get the game interesting for the public once again.

NHL might need to redo its playoff format once again

A couple of years ago, the NHL made a drastic move in realigning the divisions and conference despite no new teams joining the league. The league moved from six to four divisions. From a local perspective, it was a great move as the Stars got out of the Pacific Division and a massive number of late start times on divisional road games. But this year might be showing holes in one crucial aspect — the playoffs.

With crowded Central Division, Stars can’t afford to let up

The NHL's Central Division is brutal. Of the seven teams in the division, all but one team is packed tight within the standings. First through sixth are separated by just ten points and last-place Colorado sits on more points than five other teams in the league. And in a sport where there aren't many breaks, there's next to zero breathing room for any of the seven teams in the division. But on top of all of that is pressure — pressure to finish in the top three spots of the division to guarantee a spot in the postseason and pressure to finish ahead of the other teams in the Pacific Division to maybe sneak in one of the two wild card sports.

Stars’ Western Conference swing important to postseason chances

It's not really a stretch to say that the next six games will determine whether or not the Dallas Stars will make the postseason this season. Over the next couple of weeks, the Stars will square off against five Western Conference opponents, four of whom are above the Stars in the conference standings and the other, the Colorado Avalanche, is right behind by just three points. And with such a schedule against teams they're directly competing with for the eight postseason spots in the conference, this is a great opportunity for the Stars to gain ground and get back into the playoff picture.

NHL Winter Classic is great, but changes might be needed

Unfortunately, this year fell a little bit on hard times. Despite the fact that this was a good close game that saw the Chicago Blackhawks claw back from a 2-0 deficit only for the Washington Capitals "walk-off" with a goal with only 13 seconds left in the game to win 3-2, the game only attracted a 2.3 overnight rating in major markets for NBC, the lowest of all of the previous Winter Classic. So now comes the question of what should happen with the NHL Winter Classic.

NHL’s Winter Classic a big hit in the ‘Big House’

Outdoor hockey. In the snow. A packed stadium with fans rooting excitedly for their team. A great atmosphere for hockey. This is what the NHL was hoping for with the Winter Classic. On New Year's Day three weeks ago, that's what they got. A great atmosphere for hockey.

OT hockey great, but still needs help

Just a tick under five hours after it had started, the madness finally came to an end last night. Andrew Shaw finally scored the winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals. The United Center in Chicago went crazy; everyone else watching at home went to bed.