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View from the east side of Toyota Stadium as FC Dallas played Pachuca

CONCACAF has to make changes to Gold Cup to make it matter

The CONCACAF Gold Cup is a good international tournament. But being held in the U.S. and every two years makes it feel like a cash grab. It's time for the confederation to make some much needed changes to the tournament.

USL referee gives a player a yellow card during a match

Just relax about VAR and give it time to evolve

FIFA began rolling out VAR this summer at the U-20 World Cup and Confederations Cup to mixed results. But, while the issues are still being worked out, everyone needs to have patience.

Toyota Stadium looking from the east side as the teams walk out before a game

NFL’s departure leaves St. Louis wide open for MLS’ taking

Last week, the St. Louis Rams finally made the move to Los Angeles, leaving the city high and dry. It stinks for the people of the city, but it's the perfect expansion opportunity for Major League Soccer.

Toyota Stadium looking from the east side as the teams walk out before a game

MLS testing instant replay can only mean good things

Soccer is the last of the major sports to implement instant replay. Yes, soccer doesn't have the natural stops in play to check on whether a play was called correctly or not, but in the 21st century it's a crime to not use technology to get calls right. I mean, it took until just last year for FIFA and the Premiere League to use goal-line technology, something long over due, and it's been a smashing success with its efficiency and accuracy. But there is hope beyond the horizon.

Toyota Stadium looking from the east side as the teams walk out before a game

International breaks need to be a thing in MLS

This is one of the FIFA designated international breaks where league seasons press pause and national teams compete in friendlies and different qualification matches, whether it be Euro qualifying or even World Cup 2018 qualifying. But if you were to take a glance at the list of leagues currently on break, there would be one glaring omission. Major League Soccer.

Toyota Stadium from the west side as FC Dallas and Orlando City play

Time for the FC Dallas front office to be held accountable

Dear Dan Hunt and the rest of the FC Dallas front office. Take a seat and for once in your life hear the complaints of those who truly support this team and live out the "Dallas 'Til I Die" motto, because we need to have a talk.

For Manchester United, season will either be great or disastrous

Being a Manchester United fan is an interesting proposition nowadays. At least in the time frame that I have been following the team, it's been either feast or famine — there hasn't been much middle ground, save maybe last season when the team finished in fourth (though there were a few embarrassing defeats in there). Unfortunately, this season appears to be headed in that direction.

Setting up the NFL for promotion and relegation

With the European soccer season beginning this month, I've decided to explore what promotion and relegation could do to a top American sports league, particularly the NFL and how it could make it more exciting.

Yankee Stadium is a suitable solution for New York City FC… for now

NYC FC opened up it's home schedule at Yankee Stadium. Yes, the same park that saw Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and houses Monument Park is now home for a professional soccer team in the Bronx. And it will be for at least the foreseeable future until NYC FC can come up with it's own downtown stadium, whether it be nearby or somewhere else in the city. While the stadium certainly works as a temporary home, it's not really going to work as a long term solution.

Toyota Stadium looking from the east side as the teams walk out before a game

FC Dallas win vs. SKC a fun time in Frisco

Last August, I got my first taste of professional soccer when my dad and I went to the U.S. Open Cup match between FC Dallas and Philadelphia, which saw the Union advance on penalty kicks. But this past Saturday I attended my first MLS match with all the bells and whistles the FC Dallas game operations people put on for the game. And, while the win certainly helped a lot, it was another incredibly fun experience... again.

MLS right in staying with summer schedule

It's no secret that Major League Soccer is different from the rest of the word football/soccer leagues. From the level of play to the pay structure to even the types of stadiums played in, the differences are quite obvious. One difference is pretty glaring: the summer schedule.