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Harbaugh to Michigan will either be great or horribly bad

As someone whose school went through a lengthy coaching search with names being thrown out left and right, I must congratulate the Michigan fans on getting the guy they hoped for so long would come back and hopefully turn the Wolverine program around; however, I have a warning. This is either going to go very well or very poorly for Harbaugh and Michigan.

Blogging the NCAA Volleyball Final Four

As I did with the Lafayette Regional in softball back in May, I plan on live blogging the Final Four. As always, I'll be posting primarily on Twitter at @ViewFromTheBox and then game updates will also be on The Daily Texan Sports Twitter (@texansports). Within each section for each day, posts will be in ascending order with the latest post first.

Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid?

Enemies of the SEC got a big boost this year with the national championship not going the way of the Auburn Tigers of the SEC, but instead the Florida State Seminoles took home the title back to the ACC. Add in the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners beat up on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, fans against the SEC have had a really great start to the new year. But it now raises the question: Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid.

With two weeks left, BCS can still dish out some chaos

The Bowl Championship Series is one of the most polarizing systems this side of the 21st century. Possibly more divisive than congress and politics, the BCS always manages to make one, or more, fan base mad while delivering an early Christmas present for another. This year, the last of the BCS as we know it, we could be headed for another season of bowl and national championship chaos. Get your popcorn ready.