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Texas and San Diego face off in women's volleyball inside Texas' Gregory Gym

NCAA has to institute instant replay in volleyball

This season, the NCAA tried out instant replay in the Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC conferences, but the system wasn't in place for arguably the biggest call of the season — you know, the one that has the power to continue a dream run or bring a season to an end. It will be next year at the earliest before that system, which is only uses television angles, is implemented. And it all comes too late for the Gators.

NCAA Tournament is Kentucky’s to lose

So the main course of the NCAA tournament begins in full force today with half of the field playing in the first round of the tournament. And with comes the legions of people who, after never following college basketball for the regular season, suddenly become experts on all of the 64 teams competing. That and everyone frantically fills out brackets, hoping their's is the first perfect bracket, though the chance of that is exponentially small. Of course, I am one of those millions of people who filled out a bracket this year once again. And like so many of the other people who filled out brackets this year, I have to admit that I have Kentucky winning it all and completing the perfect seaso

Blogging the NCAA Volleyball Final Four

As I did with the Lafayette Regional in softball back in May, I plan on live blogging the Final Four. As always, I'll be posting primarily on Twitter at @ViewFromTheBox and then game updates will also be on The Daily Texan Sports Twitter (@texansports). Within each section for each day, posts will be in ascending order with the latest post first.

Texas softball warms up before a game at McCombs Field

Covering Lafayette Regional a great experience

It's been a little over a week since I made the six hour trip from Arlington to Lafayette to cover the Texas Longhorn softball team in the NCAA tournament. It was the first time I had left the state to cover a game in any sport and the first time I had gone alone. While it was long, hot and at times nerve racking, the experience in and around Lafayette was one of the best I've ever had.

Texas softball warms up before a game at McCombs Field

Blogging the Lafayette Regional

After 54 games this season, the Texas Longhorns softball team advanced to the Lafayette Regional in the regional round of the NCAA tournament. While this is the tenth straight season the Longhorns are playing in the postseason, it’s the first time in five years that they will open up the tournament away from Red and […]

Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid?

Enemies of the SEC got a big boost this year with the national championship not going the way of the Auburn Tigers of the SEC, but instead the Florida State Seminoles took home the title back to the ACC. Add in the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners beat up on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, fans against the SEC have had a really great start to the new year. But it now raises the question: Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid.

BCS run ends in a thrilling Florida State win

It took all of eight years to finally get a game worthy of being called a national championship. But to many people, it was certainly worth the wait. After being down 21-3 in the first half and with absolutely none of the momentum, Florida State somehow found a way to comeback and win in the Rose Bowl in a, dare I say, Texas-esque fashion.

Texas vs. Penn State volleyball atmosphere one of the best I’ve ever been in

It's interesting, but volleyball is a very underrated sport. Outside of those who play it, volleyball doesn't get a whole lot of press in the national spotlight. Sure, ESPNU has about a game or two a week, but that's ESPNU. Who honestly goes there if there's something better to watch. The only time you really see it nationally shown is NCAA tournament time, but even then it's just a fleeting moment. But volleyball is actually one of the most interesting sports in the college landscape. It's a lot like arena football in a way. It's relatively small nationally, but it's quick, high energy and intense. Especially intense.

First Saturday of college football a fun one indeed

It took a nearly the entire first half, but at the end of the day, I and other UT fans alike were able to breathe easy and take in the full first Saturday of college football without the embarrassment of a loss to New Mexico State.

Best time of the year: college football is upon us

The great singer Andy Williams wrote the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and while he probably meant that for the Christmas season, for college football fans across the country waking up today, that applies to today. After nearly eight months without college football, it returns today with vengeance and a number of good game.