USWNT save their best for last to take World Cup title

For much of the first half of the World Cup, the U.S. Women's National team did not look like a team that could win the World Cup. Despite the 3-1 scoreline, the U.S. didn't have a great opener against Australia. Then they got shutout against Sweden. And the Round of 16 match against Colombia was almost a disaster. But things changed against China. The Americans went to full-on attack mode, and even though they only scored once, they looked much more dominant. Then in the semifinal, the U.S. took it right to Germany, was the beneficiaries of a couple of breaks and walked out with a 2-0. And finally in World Cup Final, the U.S. saved their best match for the last match.

USWNT has to change offensive formation, tactics to have a chance

The results have nearly been disastrous. The U.S. was a clearance off the line by Meghan Klingenberg off the line away from losing against Sweden, and they only scored once against Nigeria and struggled at times against a very competitive Colombia side. And realistically, the U.S. is fortunate to be in the position they are in. But moving forward, this team has to get better on the offensive end and it starts with changing the offensive formation and the tactics that come along with it against China.

USWNT needs to find offense for World Cup success

The U.S. Women's National team has amassed a grand total of four points and three goals. They were shut out in a poor offensive showing against Sweden and were lucky to get two goals against a stout Australian side. Despite the fact that they are in a good spot in the proverbial "Group of Death" and nearly everyone would take these two results before the World Cup even started, this team has issues. Like, I-never-thought-I-would-say-the-men's-team-is-better-than-the-women's-team issues. And they all happen to fall on the offensive side of the ball.

Basketball stars need to be focus on international duty to continue to grow sport

One of my favorite sayings in soccer is "for club and country." Players spend the majority of their time with the club teams playing for domestic, continental and some times international trophies, but every so often lay down their club allegiances to play for their country in international friendlies or various tournaments during every World Cup cycle. It's something that makes soccer unique and it's cool to see players still have strong allegiances to their home country even if it's far away from their club team. It's also something that I would love to see with basketball and NBA.

U.S. loses battle, wins war in advancing to knockout round

The U.S. need just one point in their match against Germany Thursday to advance to the knockout round. That point never came. But thanks to Portugal beating Ghana 2-1 at the same time, the United States are headed to the round of 16 and a date with Belgium to decide who's advancing to the quarterfinals. And as one ESPN commentator said, "the U.S. lost battle, but won the war."

One point separates U.S. from knockout round

On Sunday it was three points. Today it's one point. That's all that separates the United States from a spot in the knockout round of the World Cup, an impressive feat considering they were drawn into the proverbial "Group of Death". But as it was against Portugal, accomplishing this feat will be no small task against a German side that might be the first European country to win the tournament in South America.

U.S. has to survive injuries, heat, Portugal to put themselves in great position to advance

Three points. One win. That's all that separates the U.S. national team and getting to the Round of 16 out of the proverbial "Group of Death". It's all that separates them from something no one outside of the country could have ever predicted when the World Cup draw was held in December.

U.S. Soccer should be confident going into World Cup

There's a lot working against the U.S. going into the World Cup in Brazil. For starters, they were drawn into the proverbial "Group of Death" for the tournament back in December. In order to get to the knockout round, the U.S. is going to have to be the top two out of Germany, Portugal and Ghana--a perennial nemesis for the Yanks. And also, the past two international friendlies haven't exactly been stellar showings from the team either. The U.S. lost 2-0 to Ukraine in a match that was moved to Cyprus because of the unrest in Ukraine and then blew a 2-0 lead against Mexico and ended up with a rather disappointed 2-2 draw. But there's also a lot of positives going into the World Cup this year.

US national team starting to come around

The U.S. Men's National Soccer Team is back baby! Well, maybe not quite fully back. But no matter how you classify this last set of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches, the good ole US of A is looking much better than they have during this qualifying cycle. The Americans have gained six points in their qualifying group, beat the Germans (albeit their "B" team), but did lose to Belgium at home.