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three people looking over a laptop and notes to decide if an online store is good for business

Deciding if an online store is good for your business

An online store might look attractive for your business. But there are potential pitfalls that can sink your business. So think through whether or not selling online is right for your business.

woman working on her laptop with her ecommerce website

Making sure you have a strong backend for your ecommerce website

A good ecommerce website does more than just look good. It also has a strong back end to make sure it's always running and protected from security risks. Here's how to make sure your ecommerce website has a strong back end.

laptop screen with the Essence Pro theme on the screen while a flower and cup of coffee sit nearby

My favorite ecommerce StudioPress themes for small businesses

If you're looking to start an ecommerce website for your business, but aren't ready for a completely custom theme, StudioPress offers great themes that you can customize. Here are a few of my favorites.

iPad with the eBay homepage on the screen

Get your website ready for the holiday season

There are over 100 days until Black Friday. But if you sell online or want to sell online, you need to start planning for that today.

Woman paying with a credit card

Top payment gateways to use for your small business website in 2020

There's one crucial step about selling products online that you might not think about when developing your online store: payment gateways. So here are some of the top gateways for you to use.