Stars entering a stretch that can give them the respect they deserve

The Dallas Stars are no doubt the most surprising team of the season. But Dallas has yet to really earn the respect that they deserve. Yes, those that do weekly power rankings have them at or near the top, as they should, but the hockey-knowing fan outside of Dallas likely could care less about the Stars being so high up in the standings at this point in the season. This next stretch of games, however, could change that.

NHL might need to redo its playoff format once again

A couple of years ago, the NHL made a drastic move in realigning the divisions and conference despite no new teams joining the league. The league moved from six to four divisions. From a local perspective, it was a great move as the Stars got out of the Pacific Division and a massive number of late start times on divisional road games.

But this year might be showing holes in one crucial aspect — the playoffs.

FC Dallas needs to build on Maximilano Urruti acquisition during offseason

About this time last week, FC Dallas turned a rather meh part of the offseason into a somewhat exciting affair, selecting Maximilano Urruti in the MLS Re-entry Draft. But if this team is serious about lifting the MLS Cup, this can’t be the only big offseason move for the Hoops.

Golden State making the NBA fun to watch this year

I am not that big of a fan of the NBA. But even I, a guy who couldn’t care less about the Association, can’t help but watch what the Golden State Warriors are doing to start this season.

It’s time to end the Louis van Gaal experiment at Manchester United

It seemed like Manchester United’s slide in the Premiere League was finally finished at the end of last season. United ended the season in fourth place, a massive improvement over their eighth-place finish a year prior and earning a spot in the UEFA Champions League play-in round, which they won.

But approaching the halfway mark of his second season at the helm, the “magic” he worked last season is starting to wear off.

NCAA has to institute instant replay in volleyball

This season, the NCAA tried out instant replay in the Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC conferences, but the system wasn’t in place for arguably the biggest call of the season — you know, the one that has the power to continue a dream run or bring a season to an end. It will be next year at the earliest before that system, which is only uses television angles, is implemented. And it all comes too late for the Gators.

The plan after a break from WordPress

It’s been a long three-plus months. My final fall semester in college was everything that I could handle… and then some. But the semester is finally over for me and with it an opportunity to get back into developing in WordPress.

Slight downturn no concern for Dallas Stars

It might be early, but if you look at the Dallas Stars schedule, you’ll see an odd peculiarity — a .500 record for the month of December. Can this team sustain this level of success, or is there a steep drop off coming up?

Premiere League parity reason No. 1 why it’s the best European league

Have you taken a peak at the current Premiere League standings lately? Because there’s a chance that you’ll be shocked at what you see at the top of the table. Welcome to the 2015-16 edition of the Premiere League and welcome to the very reason the league is the best that Europe has to offer.

MLS’ future expansion to 28 teams another great step for soccer in America

Among the many big news items to come out Columbus this past week as part of the build up to the 20th edition of the MLS Cup Final, the biggest item might have been announced less than 24 hours prior to the big match itself.

Major League Soccer announced in a release on Saturday that the Board of Governors agreed to eventually expanding the league to 28 teams some time in the near future.