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Screenshot of the Google PageSpeed Insights homepage

What is Google PageSpeed Insights and why does it matter?

Your page loading time is extremely important in today's web. And Google PageSpeed Insights helps you figure out the ways you can speed up your website right now.

An open image in Photoshop on a laptop on a small wooden table in a cafe

Compressing images for your website

Have you ever tried to load a page with large images? It's frustrating. Make sure your site's images are compressed to keep you pages loading quickly.

Woman looking at iMac screen about page speed for her site

Keeping your website speed quick without paying too much

Time is money. And if your website is taking a long time to load for viewers, that's money you could be losing out on. So here are some ways to keep your site fast without paying tons of money.

laptop with code to preload css

How to preload your CSS and why you should

You're trying speed up the page load time of your website and you've tried everything. But it's still not quick enough. Have you tried preloading your CSS and JavaScript resources?