USC’s firing of Lane Kiffin below the belt

If you haven’t heard about the firing of former USC head coach Lane Kiffin, where have you been the past 24 hours plus?

In a stunning, yet not too shocking, move early Sunday morning, USC fired Kiffin after the Trojans started the 2013 season with a 3-2 start, including losing their first two games in the Pac-12. USC fans have been clamoring for him to get practically since the season began.

But what was surprising, and very disappointing as well, is how Kiffin was fired. After the team at LAX airport early Sunday, Kiffin was pulled off of the team bus and told that he was no longer the head coach of the football team. The busses were told to leave without Kiffin and he had to find his own way back home.

Okay, Kiffin was a poor coach at USC—that’s quite obvious considering his 28-15 record and struggles the past couple of seasons—but to fire him in such a humiliating fashion isn’t right or fair.

There are things you do and don’t do as such a high profile official at a high profile university. Firing your head football coach right off of the team bus and forcing him to find his own way home is something you don’t do.

I get it that there was animosity between Pat Haden, the AD, Kiffin and the fans, but you still have to do anything in a professional manner and that includes firing someone. You can’t just go out and humiliate someone in that way by that course of action. In subsequent interviews, you can say how much you didn’t like the guy, how bad he was, etc., but not that way.

Lane Kiffin was a bad hire for USC and it showed the past couple of seasons as USC failed to get back to standing it once held. But to fire him right at the airport and forcing him to find his own way home was below the belt.

Hopefully Texas has more respect for Mack Brown when the time comes.