Tony Romo not the only person to blame for loss to Broncos

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to be on the road to one of the biggest upsets thus far in the 2013 NFL season. Tied at 48 and with the ball with under three minutes left to go in the game.

And then without warning, good ole Tony Romo struck once again.

Facing a 2nd-and-16 at their own 16, Romo tried to sneak a ball into Gavin Escobar to get near the first down marker, but Danny Trevathan instead made the interception and eventually the Denver Broncos went on to win the game.

Now, even 48-hours plus after the loss, people are still putting the loss squarely on the shoulders of Romo. And, even though I’m not a Cowboys fan by any stretch of the imagination, that’s simply not fair for Romo.

There’s the old cliche-ish adage that “you win as a team and you lose as a team.” Sunday, the Cowboys lost as a team. There were plenty of mistakes made on both sides of the ball, but especially defensively. We’ll get to the defense a bit later, but they had a huge hand in all of this. Plus, Tony Romo is just one person, and he put them in a position to win; let’s not forget that. He threw for a Cowboys record 506 yards and five touchdowns Sunday. Without that, the Cowboys probably face the same fate as the Eagles a week prior.

But that defense, man that defense, should get almost all of the blame for the loss. I get that Peyton Manning is having a record year this season, but stopping him at least three times was a must for this defense and they didn’t do that. Instead, Manning did what he’s done to opposing defenses all year and gotten touchdowns… a lot of touchdowns. Manning did throw his first interception of the season Sunday, but that’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

When an offense scores 48 points in game, they generally go on to win that game. So, when a team loses after scoring 48 points, shouldn’t most, if not all, of the blame go on the defense?

I get it that Romo has had issues with being clutch in the past, but this game he doesn’t deserve that type of blame. And I get it that Romo could of thrown it elsewhere for a safer pass.

But looking at the interception play again, Romo wasn’t able to get enough on the pass because his offensive line, which everyone knew would be an issue when the season began, failed to their job and the pocket completely collapsed. He wasn’t able to step and throw and it lacked the zip it needed to get there on time.

Also,¬†Trevathan made a pretty darn good play to make that interception. He had to lay out to get it and his best simply beat Romo’s best.

Tony Romo isn’t completely absolved from all blame for the loss Sunday to Denver, but on the other side, he doesn’t deserve all of the blame for the loss either. That defense made plenty of mistakes that ultimately cost them the game.

But if you’re simply bent on blaming Romo for everything, here’s a video for you: