Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee at Bristol should be a sight to see

The biggest college football news from last week wasn’t the fact that Texas beat Oklahoma or Utah upset Stanford or that Georgia’s injuries finally caught up them in their loss to Missouri.

No. Instead, that award went to the news that the Tennessee Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hockies would square off in a game in 2016 at the famed Bristol Motor Speedway.

Yes, you read that right. There will be a football game at a NASCAR track.

“Players, start your internal engines?”

Okay, that needs some work, but the concept of having a college football game, or a football game in general, at Bristol is a great idea. Bristol is one of the smallest tracks on the circuit in terms of length at one-half mile. Because of that, it’s wide enough for a football field, but not too wide like it would be at Dover, a comparable speedway to Bristol.

Also, Bristol has over 150,000 seats, more than enough needed to seat everyone who wants to see this spectacle in person. Among racing fans, Bristol is nicknamed “The Coliseum” and with good reason. The bowl-shaped design is perfect for the football setting and has more seats than the Rose Bowl, the greatest college football venue in the country in my opinion.

This game will easily break the record for highest attended game in NCAA history. The current record is held by Michigan Stadium with 117,000 or so showing up for the game against Notre Dame this year. Officials have said that they expect 150,000 to 160,000 fans to come to the unique game three years from now.

Bristol is also a great location for both fan bases. Located almost at the midway point between both universities, neither fan base should have any trouble getting to this game. Considering the regional rivalry between the two and the general interest for those in the area, this should be very interesting.

I know there are some that think that watching a game at a race track where the fans will be way back from the field is kind of absurd, but I know I would pay to sit anywhere at the track. It’s only one game and it’s a unique game at that. Fans will still be able to see the field and the game. Yes, they’ll be a ways away from the field, but that shouldn’t detract too much from the game.

This is going to be an awesome game coming up in three years. It’ll be something to watch no matter the records or national title implications and it’s something that I kind of want to attend.

But we have to wait three years for it. In the meantime, we can think up some cheesy NASCAR line to say before the game begins.