Cowboys have become definition of insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time.

It’s official, the Cowboys are insane.

Sunday night, thanks to a Kyle Orton interception inside of two minutes in the fourth, the Cowboys finished at an even 8-8 for the third straight season. And since the 1997 season, the Cowboys have gone 128-128, an even .500 record. By definition, the Cowboys are the most average team.

Yet you wouldn’t quite know that by listening to owner/general manager Jerry Jones, who again said before the season that the Cowboys would be Super Bowl contenders. How’s that working out for you?

The problem with this team, as spoken by an Eagles fan myself, is that the more seasons that click away, the more things stay the same over there in Valley Ranch. While other teams are making changes and trying to get better, the Cowboys seem to be stuck in a muddy rut while Jones keep pressing the gas pedal in hopes of getting unstuck instead of getting out and actually doing work.

Take for example this defense of theirs, which admittedly played great Sunday against a strong Eagles defense. They had injuries and that doesn’t help, but going into this season did anyone have any hopes for this defense? Demarcus Ware is getting old. The secondary was weak and they lacked depth on that side of the ball.

That all comes back to the general manager who had his team unprepared for all of these injuries. He should have had NFL-worthy backups on the squad ready to fill in with all of the injuries, but instead the Cowboys were playing unproven players and it showed mightily game after game.

The Cowboys almost made the playoffs, but once again fell back to a .500 record. It’s not Tony Romo’s fault or Orton’s or even Jason Garrett’s. This .500 season and the .500 record since 1997 falls squarely Jerry Jones. And as long as he remains the general manager, the more things change across the NFL, the more they will stay the same for the Cowboys.

It’s official. Jerry Jones is insane.