FC Dallas mired in uneventful offseason

Though they were eventually eliminated, FC Dallas had two exciting matches against Seattle in the postseason to end last year that saw a potential goal swing the outcome either way.

The same, however, cannot be said about the offseason for the Hoops.

Everything started out nice for FC Dallas. They had come off of an incredible season that saw them surpass everyone’s expectations, making the playoffs and giving the vaunted Seattle Sounders a massive run for their money in the conference semifinals.

They then followed that up with managing to win the top overall pick in the dispersal draft for now-defunct Chivas U.S.A, which they used to select keeper Dan Kennedy, which isn’t that bad of a selection.

But outside of that, it’s been really pretty quiet in Frisco. A myriad of players were let go, including Andres Escobar, and there hasn’t been a lot of activity around signing players as the SuperDraft approaches. Now, that’s not overly disconcerting, as it’s about the right move, not the splashy move, but with other teams in the conference improving and FC Dallas needing one more player to really get them over the hump, something would be nice.

What makes the lack of “noise” out of Toyota Stadium a bit nerve-wracking is the move by some other clubs, particularly the one just down I-35. So far this offseason, the Houston Dynamo have made the biggest splash this side of Stephen Gerrard when they brought in former Chivas U.S.A forward Cubo Torres. While the Goats struggled, Torres was a massive bright spot for the team and will certainly make a big impact for the Dynamo as they make the move over to the massively more difficult Western Conference.

Another queasy move is the lack of a USL PRO Team, whether an affiliation with an existing club, like Columbus has with Austin, or starting a new one to play in Frisco as sort of a minor league team. A number of other teams, like the Los Angeles Galaxy have moved to fielding a USL PRO teams for their reserve players and players coming off of injuries. But FC Dallas has sat on its hands and done nothing, and that could really hurt in the long run.

But there’s still time in the offseason for something to be done. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s the right move which might take some time, rather than the quick splashy move that’s important.

But something, anything out of Frisco would be nice.