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Bracket for the 2016 College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff semifinals an absolute mess in every way possible

Out of the six biggest bowl games of the season, we got a grand total of zero close and competitive games. That and poor start times and dates killed the excitement of college football. And the worst part is that it will continue to be that way. What. A. Mess.

Ohio State might have pulled upset, but TCU still has argument

I know that a lot of the debate about the snubs has died down with the Buckeye's win, but that win shouldn't diminish what TCU showed a day earlier, nor should it deny the fact that TCU had a very serious that they should have been the number four team in the postseason.

Harbaugh to Michigan will either be great or horribly bad

As someone whose school went through a lengthy coaching search with names being thrown out left and right, I must congratulate the Michigan fans on getting the guy they hoped for so long would come back and hopefully turn the Wolverine program around; however, I have a warning. This is either going to go very well or very poorly for Harbaugh and Michigan.

Ole Miss will be SEC team to watch

Overall, the SEC has been the major player in college football since at least the turn of the century, winning seven-straight BCS national championships before Florida State took it all last year. In the SEC, it's predominantly dominated by the SEC West division, save a few good Florida teams, and Alabama, Auburn, LSU and, to a bit of a lesser degree, Texas A&M (the jury is still out on them until at least the end of this year). But this season, there's a dark horse team in that division, that could throw those dominant few's SEC title and playoff hopes out the window.

Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid?

Enemies of the SEC got a big boost this year with the national championship not going the way of the Auburn Tigers of the SEC, but instead the Florida State Seminoles took home the title back to the ACC. Add in the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners beat up on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl, fans against the SEC have had a really great start to the new year. But it now raises the question: Is the SEC still at the top of the college football pyramid.

ESPN’s BCS MegaCast would be great for future big games

At first, I was really disappointed that ESPN was going all out for the final BCS national championship game. I wasn't really planning to be watching the game and that announcement would limit my options outside of the game. But as the game kicked off, and I explored the plethora of options ESPN had, the more I found myself actually enjoying what they had on. And in a stunning turn of events, I hope this becomes the norm for big games like the college football title game, Super Bowl and even the Final Four to name a few.

College football seems to becoming more and more like arena football

On Wednesday I posted a column to my arena football site, Arena Pigskin, about how college football is becoming more and more like arena football. And now, especially after watching highlight after highlight after the NCAA season has finished, I feel more and more confident about that conclusion.

BCS run ends in a thrilling Florida State win

It took all of eight years to finally get a game worthy of being called a national championship. But to many people, it was certainly worth the wait. After being down 21-3 in the first half and with absolutely none of the momentum, Florida State somehow found a way to comeback and win in the Rose Bowl in a, dare I say, Texas-esque fashion.

With two weeks left, BCS can still dish out some chaos

The Bowl Championship Series is one of the most polarizing systems this side of the 21st century. Possibly more divisive than congress and politics, the BCS always manages to make one, or more, fan base mad while delivering an early Christmas present for another. This year, the last of the BCS as we know it, we could be headed for another season of bowl and national championship chaos. Get your popcorn ready.

An argument for A.J. McCarron to win the Heisman Trophy

A.J. McCarron should win the Heisman this season. There. I said it. Now come after me. But before that, let me explain my reasoning and maybe you'll come around to see that I am, in fact, right.

Heisman race after week eight

So this past Saturday was just a continuation of the previous Saturday's upset craziness. A number of ranked teams went down, a number of SEC teams expected to compete for the conference title lost and some Heisman hopefuls took a big hit. So, who are in the top five for the Heisman and who fell out.