Rex Ryan will put Buffalo Bills back in national media spotlight

The Buffalo Bills are quite possibly the biggest punchline in the NFL and the world of sports.

From 1990-1993, the Bills made it to four straight Super Bowls and then subsequently won zero of those Super Bowl. While winning the AFC four-straight times is an impressive feat, they are the only NFL team, and possibly the only sports team to make it to the championship game four consecutive years and come away with zero titles.

Since that point, the Bills have been far from the spotlight in the national media. While they have made the postseason since, they haven’t sniffed that success in over 20 years now, which includes missing the postseason the past 20 years.

But with the signing of former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, that just might change. The move might not work on the field for the Bills, but they’ll be back in national spotlight with Ryan.

There’s no doubt that Ryan loves to talk and that he can be a gold mine for quotes with his antics. Maybe it was overblown since it was New York and the New York media can be interesting to say the least. But he didn’t seem to hold back in his press conference, taking shots at opposing teams and messing around with the media a bit, seen below when he dressed as his brother for a press conference before playing the Cleveland Browns, where his brother was the defensive coordinator. And it’s those antics that gave the Jets so much attention despite them being so bad.

At the same time, there’s also some hope that Ryan can turn this Bills team around. He initially had success with the Jets, taking them to two-straight AFC title games in his first two seasons with the team, behind a strong defense and a solid running game. He also had a knack for playing the New England Patriots close, which is key in a division where the Patriots have been king for so many years. And yes, the Bills don’t really have an NFL quarterback the same way the Jets did, but if they can get the defense solid and the running game going, they very well might be onto something.

Of course, there’s always the good possibility that this doesn’t work out. There are no guarantees in sports that anything will work. There’s a real good shot that the Bills will remain bottom-dwellers in the AFC East and that they will continue in their mediocre ways while going unnoticed by the national media.

But while the last few years with New York turned out to be terrible, Ryan is a solid coach that builds his team around defense. And if he can do that with the Bills and somehow stumble upon a quarterback that can actually play in the NFL, Buffalo could finally get itself back into the national spotlight and possibly contend for that Super Bowl title.