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I’m human. I have thoughts and opinions and a lot of them. Here you’ll find what I think about both the world of sports — specifically soccer — and web development.

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Loading more posts with a button click and WP REST API

One of the features I had an issue finding a tutorial over was loading more posts via a button click. So here’s a brief tutorial on how to do just that.

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Who the next four teams to join MLS should be

With Atlanta and Minnesota joining the league this year and Los Angeles FC and hopefully Miami joining next year, MLS has laid out a timeline for announcing teams 25-28 within the next year or so. Here are the four cities I hope earn an expansion team soon.

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FC Dallas celebrate their U.S. Open Cup title

FC Dallas roster looks strong going into 2017

My apologies for the Cowboys losing, but FC Dallas’ 2017 campaign begins in just under two months. The team faces Árabe Unido in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals in 37 days and starts its MLS season in 46 days. Oh, and it might just be the best roster the team has had in recent years.

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FIFA ruined World Cup with 48-team expansion for 2026

FIFA voted on Tuesday to increase the number of teams in the World Cup from 32 to 48, and in doing so showed they care more about money than the quality of the tournament. Way to ruin the tournament, FIFA.

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Why my WP REST theme won’t be in the directory … yet

My new daily blog WordPress theme, Quotidiano, is ready to be released. But considering it utilizes the WP REST API and the lack of knowledge of what it takes to get that kind of theme through the review process, I’m holding off on moving it to the theme directory for the time being.

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U.S. Soccer Federation needs to be more proactive in helping lower leagues grow

The U.S. Soccer Federation is expected to make a decision on what division the NASL and USL will be in next season, which could be the death knell for the NASL. But the USSF wouldn’t be in this position if it worked more to support all leagues and not just the top one, MLS.

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Indoor soccer: the hybrid of hockey and soccer you’ve never heard of

If you think soccer is “boring”, then I highly suggest you watch it’s cousin, indoor soccer. It’s the soccer and hockey hybrid that turns out to be quite exciting.

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Another year, another set of WordPress resolutions

Ah yes, the new year. That time when everyone makes resolutions that they might keep for a couple of weeks. Like I did last year, here are a few WordPress resolutions I hope to keep throughout 2017.

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Displaying threaded comments with WordPress REST API

As I’ve worked with the WP REST API, I’ve seen a lot of really good tutorials over the basics, but not a lot that deal with slightly more complicated topics that are easily implemented in the typical WordPress template. This tutorial over threaded comments in the WP REST API hopefully starts to fill that void.

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MLS Cup VR experience shows VR will work in sports

Saturday saw the Seattle Sounders win the MLS Cup final without a single shot on goal, but that wasn’t my biggest takeaway from the match. Instead, watching sports in virtual reality might be way closer than you think.

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